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Now my finger tips is getting harder every day. Practicing for fourteen days now. Yesterday it was time for the pentatonic blues scale. Up and down, up and down, up and down..... This is kind of monotonous, but the only way to make the fingers work. You know the finger tips and the muscles. Go slow and go fast. Up and down! Then the next step is to fool around with the scale. Play different combinations and build riffs. This is the really fun part. Find out where's your limit. That's all for todays blog. Love Peter


Been practicing guitar scales this weekend. Finger tips is getting ok! Hardening them to VH1. Hard but awarding playing. Feel a lot better at home with my guitar now. Fingers knows what to do..... Hope Liping is doing well at her work today. She should talk to her boss I think. That's the best thing to do. That's all for todays blog. Love Peter


Yes, friday is the best day of the week. The end of the working week and the beginning of your free time! And best of all you have the whole weekend in front of you. Lots of stuff to do. Play guitar, networking, watch movies..... No rehearsals with A this weekend. We do that the next one instead. I will practice on the guitar and some music theory as well. Also have to put up candle lights this weekend. I wonder when we will get that new chinese channel on the television? It would have been nice if it comes today! That's all for todays blog. Love Peter


Going homr from work earlier this friday. Though the commuter train has trouble going south. Right now near the old city of Stockhoim. Yes now we are finally moving again. They have had problems all afternoon. Though I hope to get home earlier today. Going with my ordinary train would also have the same trouble. So it makes no difference in that sense. That's all for this blog. Love Peter


Thursday morning and my music project goes forward. My finger tips must be hardend. So I fool around with my guitar. All to get ready in my fingers and muscels. Patience is the word. Soon, soon, soon..... After all this hardening of my finger tips comes all the fun. Playing guitar, training chords and scales, learning new riffs. Next week I'm entering this mode. But this weekend I will meet with A and the rest of the band. Nervous? Oh yeah, but I'll do my best. That's all for todays blog. Love Peter


Musicproject is going on! I practice my fingers and fingertips. Pain, pain, pain..... Though it goes forwards. Better for every day. Soon my fingers will be ready to play normal again. Practice, practice, practice..... There's no short cut! Play all the time at home. Relax on my way to work and on work. Saturday will be my test with the new band. Nervous? Oh yeah! But I'll give all and try my best on the guitar. Wish me luck! That's all for todays blog. Love Peter


Yes finally friday, and all the weekend in front of us! Lot's of stuff to do and practise guitar of course too. Get birthday presents ready for Alexandra, get cameras ready for saturday, find out what clothes to wear..... Looking forward to this moment. And also Xie is coming to Stockholm for her first visit. Looks like the weekend is pretty full booked, as on sunday there is all normal things to do, like shower, water flowers and prepare clothes for the working week. That's all for todays blog. Love Peter


White snow is falling today again. All is white, white, white..... That's a fact in Stockholm today. Thursday morning and soon weekend again. I practice guitar every day now. Feels good and getting some new inspiration too! Looking into some nice riffs. Friday comes Xie on her first visit to Sweden and our small town Stockholm! Wonder how that will feel? From a big city to a small one. Where are the houses? Back to the guitar stuff. Playing is hard work, but very rewarding in the end. My secret music project with A is just around the corner. It fills my head all the time. Some ideas are popping up. Maybe we can use them too? That's it for todays blog. Love Peter


Today is my daughter Alexandras birthday, so I wish a nice happy birthday! On friday comes Xie from Beijing to visit us for three months. We all four will go to Alexandras birthday party on saturday. For Xie it will be a tough start of her first visit to Sweden. Arriving on friday evening, and going to Alexandras birthday party the next day. I should have been practising with my new music project on sunday as well, but that's too much for one weekend.I got a raincheck from A! I will attend the next practice session. Once again happy birthday Alexandra. That's all for todays blog. Love Peter


Thuesday morning, feeling good and hopefull! The secret music project is in progression and going forwards. Met A yesterday to drink some tea in a cafe, and talking about the project. Own material will be the base, and maybe a couple of covers too. I was very nervous yesterday, but quite relaxed afterwards! Feeling very nice and ready to play in a band again! Practise guitar every day now. It's a must! Practising is the base of it all. Guitar awareness and finger tips, as well as muscels has to be trained every day. We will try to do some demos. Fun! And go on from there. Playing feels fun again! That's it for todays blog. Love Peter


Yeah, I've got friday on my mind! Last working day of the week, and free time knocks on my door. Today I'm gonna make a stop in Handen on my way home from work. Guess what? Yes, I will cut my hair. Have an important meeting on monday evening! A music one! Well, on this weekend I will play a lot of guitar. Practise, practise, practise..... Scales and chords. Plus a lot of finger practising. Gotta be in good shape on monday. Spirit is high and mood also! I can do it! I know I can! I'm a winner! So it's gonna be great. That's it for todays blog. Love Peter


Oh yeah! Winter is now on my mind. Not to cold, not to warm. Just enough to feel nice. A lot of things in my mind right now. My daughter has birthday next week. Yan Fan's girlfriend is also coming here next week. Monday I go on a kind of informal interview for new music project! It's secret! Now on friday I will go and cut my hair. And color it on sunday. During the weekend I will do a lot of guitar practice. Guess why? The secret project! Many things on my mind right now, you know. Can I fix this? I know I can do it. I'm strong, strong, strong..... Really I should have been answering like three emails from distant relatives out there in the world. A lot on my mind right now! That's all for todays blog. Love Peter


Yes we have a winter varning today in Stockholm! They say it will come snowfall during the day. Well we will know when it comes. Maybe it will come, maybe it will not. If it comes though it will be traffic chaos, and troubles going on the commuter train. I hope not! Right now it's blowing cold icy winds and raining. But I'm warm sitting on the commuter train going north towards my work. That feels alright. No snow inside the train. I think it will be a short blog today, so that's it for today. Love Peter


Really chaos! Last night going home from my work, there were some kind of accident near Handen. Firstly before that a whole train set of people got on our train at Farsta Strand I believe! So when we came to Skogas, some three thousand people had to get off the train and go on in buses. Now that's what I call chaos! Just fiften minutes later came another train with some fifteen hundred people more! Talk about real chaos! My journey home took much longer than a flight to London. It took twice that time, so this morning I'm really tired. You know late night and early morning is no good combination. But now I'm on my way north going on the commuter train to my work in Sundbyberg. That's all for todays blog. Love Peter


Well todays blog is all about Minan Residential Complex at Dongzhimen Nei Dajie in Beijing. My wife and I live there when ever we are in Beijing. It's a large residential area in the central city, or if you like that in the old city. We live on the fifth floor on Dong Yang Wei Jie number one. It's near Dongzhimen Highschool and the Russian Embassy. It's also very near to Dongzhimen Nei Dajie, or as it's also called Gou Jie. Also close to Beijings largest traffic hub Dongzhimen. Now this is a very nice neighborhood, with small local restaurants and shops. At it's western border you have the Naga appartments and the Nan Guan Park. People are very friendly here and the mix of people is good. There are both young and old, and foreigners. That's good for me! At nights there is singing and dancing in the park. People get together to relax and have some entertainment. Very nice! Now that's all for todays blog. Love Peter


Hello again my friends. Todays blog is about Guijie or Dongzhimen Nei Dajie. More rightly about the traffic works here on this very busy restaurant street. It's one and a half kilometer long with more than one hundred restaurants. To pass by on a bicycle is a bit tricky as cars are and being parked all the way along all the time. You have to watch out when passing by. The bicycle file is mostly filled with parked cars, so you have to go by in one of the cars files. Remember the traffic is very heavy on this part of the street. Though I see a woman with a child in front of me doing the same kind of moves and changes between the files all the time. It's a little bit like going downhills on skis in the winter! All the time the situation changes. Free street in front of you turns into several cars trying to park sideways and taxis stoping to let out their passengers. All that happens within seconds and right in front of you. So no easy way to solve the new traffic situations creat


Hello friends! Todays blog is about the nearest main sightseeing from our Beijing appartment. The Yonghegong Lamasery is within walking distace for us. though this time we used our bicycles through the nice Hutongs. No other way to get around is better. Lot's of shops surrounds the temple. There you can buy souvenirs and smoke sticks. The weather is as always this time of the year hot. We had 31 degrees this day on my last visit. Nice for taking some good pictures to bring home. The Yonghegong Lamasery was originally a prince palace, but later changed into a lama tempel. It's the largest lama tempel i northern China. Many tourists go there for a visit, but particularily many young chinese worshipers go there to pay tribute to their believes. And it's nearly in our backyard! They bring their smoke sticks, and kneal to pray. I also pray there every year I go to Beijing. Now that's it for todays blog. Love Peter