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Yes, soon new year 2011. Been to the doctor for a new prescription for my medicine. Will practice guitar today after my work. New riffs and licks, and maybe some blues too. My finger tips and muscles are going in the right direction. So have to do my practice every day. Today I might also test my Yamaha keyboard. It should be fun. That's all for todays blog. Love Peter


Yes, wednesday morning in winter clothes! Soon it's time for the new years celebrations. I will get some more time for my guitar practice. Good to be able to try out new riffs and licks. What about the Yamaha keyboard? I want to test it properly this weekend. Makes me feel excited. I have not played on it for years. Can I still play on a keyboard? I hope so because it could be very useful in my music project with A! So I will do my best and try to play on it. That's all for todays blog. Love Peter


Yes, another winter morning. We play ten little boys at work. Soon we will all disappear..... My guitar practice is making great progress right now. Having fun playing and finding some new combinations to test on my Les Paul. This weekend I may try to play some on my Yamaha keyboard too. Keyboard is quite different to play compared with the guitar. It's another way to use my fingers. Also many years since I tried it last time. That's all for todays blog. Love Peter


Yes, it's the last week of this year. Had a very good Xmas weekend. Lot's of food and presents. Lot's of relaxing and a lot of guitar practice. I'm getting better and better. That's a lot easier to practice guitar, when you feel it's going forwards. New riffs and licks makes it so much more fun. It's a very nice feeling. That's all for todays blog. Love Peter


Yes, wednesday winter morning and about the trains. Yesterday was total chaos at the central station. Difficult to get to the commuter trains. Too much people stuck there, and nearly no space to go through the crowds. So I was home late again. Met my wife on the way. She was waiting fifty minutes for my train to get home. My train was overcrowded because it was a short train. And when we and other trains filled up the next train it was even more overcrowded. But we got home at last, and there was a bus waiting as well! That's all for todays blog. Love Peter


Yes, commuter trains in the winter. Yesterday I was home seven o'clock. It took me one hour longer to go home. And then there were no bus so I had to walk home. So I've been sleeping one hour less this last night. That's how it is! I still have my things to do at home. Like eating, practice guitar and work on my computer. Also have to talk to my family and relax before I go to sleep. So that's why I get one hour less sleep. That's all for todays blog. Love Peter


Yes, it's a very snowy winters morning this monday. Difficult to walk to the commuter train in all this snow. I walk normaly in ten minutes, and now maybe twelve to fourteen minutes. But the train works. That's good. Long weekend with lot's of christmas preparations. Shop food and presents. Working four days this week.... Last chance for the stores to fill up with all christmas food. That'll be a hard week. Then comes the holidays to rest before it's new years holiday. That's all for todays blog. Love Peter


Yeah, it's a snowy friday and the weekend is near! We have a new visitor at home for two weeks. She is Coco, a siberian husky. A nice and lovely dog. Looks like a wolf though! But very kind, smart and listens to all commands. Got to practice some more guitar this weekend. It's those riffs and licks, plus many chords and blues. I also need to test different sounds on my Behringer amplifier. I have one hundred different sounds, that can be altered to sound specific at the time. Nice and gives a variety of options when I'm playing on my Les Paul. That's all for today's blog. Love Peter


On the commuter train going home on friday night. Sitting nearly next to me sits a real shit man. With no respect for his human fellow passengers. I'm like one word from hitting him! He can go to hell! He will go there anyway when he dies. So teach your children how to show respect for others. Or they might get a big knockout in their face. That's all for this blog. Love Peter


Yes, waiting for the snow to come today! I practise some more on my guitar yesterday. Just love my Les Paul! A perfectly wonderful guitar to play on. My finger tips are developing in the right direction. Also the muscles are going there. Now speed is the number one issue here. As I said earlier, we are waiting for today's snow fall. More snow on the ground for us. I think this year we will have a white Xmas. Back to my guitar practise. Riffs and licks are now my main area in my playing. Learning more each day. That's all for today's blog. Luv Peter


All white outside. Another winter day filled with snow. Finger tip practice yesterday with my guitar. Hard work with my fingers, but very fun to do. Rock fillings and solos up amd down the guitar fret on my Les Paul. Rewarding when it sounds good. Writing this blog on my way to work on the commuter train. Now guitar practice is a tough business. Muscles and finger tips has to be in the best shape. The solo sounded good, nice riff. I would give myself a golden star for being so hard in my training. Not easy, but very rewarding. That's all for todays blog. Love Peter


Yes winter morning and snow is falling on us here in Stockholm! Beautiful with white snow. This weekend I've been practicing on my Les Paul. Lovely guitar with a very good sound. A rock guitar sound. Solo playing has been the lead star of this weekends practice. Blues and solo playing. My amplifier is a Behringer with nice sounds. I can store 100 different sounds in it. Lovely to test all these sounds. That's all for todays blog. Love Peter


Yes it's a very beautiful friday winter morning. The snow is falling. Friday's always have expectations with it. My expectations are that I will have lot's of time to practice on my guitar, and maybe I will rehearse with my new music project. That's what I expect from this weekend. Another expectation is that Telia will release that chinese TV channel finally! We want to watch chinese TV at home on our 42 inch set! I will continue my blues scales, intros, turnaround and ends practice on my guitar. It's a very interesting way to practice. Fast and slow playing, and some rock licks will also be on the agenda. Rock licks and riffs are a very important cornerstone in my practice. That's all for todays blog. Love Peter


Yeah, a freezing cold winter morning. A little bit too cold for my taste, but a nice winter touch. Yesterday I did a lot of guitar practicing for my music project. Blues scales, intros and endings, plus turnarounds. Not easy as most material go in the key of E. I would like it to be higher. My finger tips are now hardened and playing becomes much easier. Also the muscels are improving much. This gives me strength and possibility to play longer time. Next on the agenda is to practise fastness. To play the same things fast and slow, and to switch between them. So I have things to practise. That's it for todays blog. Love Peter


Tired from work and SL! SL that's Stockholms local traffic company. Works no good. Late nights arriving home. Tired at night and no feeling and strength for playing guitar. Damned them! Today I will take no more shit! Today I'm the king! Will practice on my guitar when I get home today. Doesn't matter how tired I will be tomorrow. Guitar scales is on my list. Will start with the blues scale. The pentatonic one. Run it up and down. And fool around with it. That's all for todays blog. Love Peter