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Now it's happened! Yes, finally I'm on Facebook! Really never thought it would happen. Last weekend I joined all the others on this social network. I'm new on this, so have patience with me. I will eventually learn what to do and what to say. I will surely also learn what to share with all my old and new networking friends. Started out with sharing some small things from my own life, and now also things that I find and like from the internet. That's networking! Many new friends have joined my Facebook site. I'm very happy that they soon are more than 150. Now I can share my thoughts and life with them. They have already appreciated my comments with a like. I feel a lot more warm in my heart over this. It will be an exciting weekend networking on Facebook. This weekend I will also start with working on my new chinese learning apps in the android world. And maybe play some guitar as well. I will also help my wife change the tires of her bicycle. That's it for toda


One of the oldest parts of Beijing is the area around the Bell and Drum towers. Many old hutongs with their charming looks. There's a lot of tourists circling around in the area. This year I heard other westerners telling a hutong tour bicycle driver that they had their own bicycles with them. That's what I do too in fact. I go around Beijing on my own bicycle. Much better way to get around town, and you can decide for yourself when to go home or where to go. Totally freedom and what a way to see all that's happening around you. I strongly recommend it. Many tourist doesn't know how to get around the best way. Forget taxi, bus or subway. The traffic is very slow and heavy in central Beijing. What takes fifty minutes with a car can take twenty with a bicycle. Plus you can stop where ever you like, and go in on the lovely alley streets. Here you can see the real beijingers dayly life. It's a must when you visit this city. Hope you will find my tips usefull. I have bee


Oh yeah! Alexandra is always in my heart all the time! I love Alexandra! My daughter has a wonderful and fantastic blog at for you to check out! She is a very good blogger and a wonderful daughter. To follow her blogg gives me the answer to all my questions every day. She really delivers all that you want to now about her life and what happens in her world! Alexandra keeps you updated with her life every day. This makes her blog very entertaining. Now she looks like a movie star, but that´s only because she´s my daughter! Like father, like daughter! The proud words of a true father! Now I have to admit that I can see a lot of her mother in her apperance and looks, but in her ways of behaving and thinking I see a lot of me! I always find a way to express myself on the internet and elsewhere. Her mother and I have given her a very good education about how to live and what to do or not to do in life. She have found her love in Michael from London


Finally saturday three weeks after coming home from Beijing in China! I´m joking! In fact I didn´t want to go back to Sweden. Here it´s right now winter with snow and cold weather. Who wants that? I´m not outside as I´m inside today! Inside physically and inside in my head as I work hard with my new blog. David Bowie´s "China Girl" is played on VH1 channel on my television right now. I just love that song! Wonderfully written by Iggy Pop(he has swedish heritage by the way) and David Bowie. It´s recorded by both Iggy Pop and David Bowie, but we all only remember David´s version. It´s more commercial! And that´s why he recorded it, just to help his friend Iggy Pop in economical troubles. That´s what friends are there fore in need! That´s love! Anyway it´s one of my absolutely most favorite sons ever recorded. It´s on my world top list! Love Peter


Yes, you don't need new glasses! The first snow has come down in Stockholm. We are surprised as usual. It's not cold, but I've thrown this winters first snowball this morning on my way to the train. I threw it at a waste basket near the station. It's fun! I remember my childhood, and feel like a child again. Today, three weeks ago, I was in Beijing and it was twentysix degrees plus. Very hot and nice. Wearing t-shirt because of the heat. We left around ten o'clock in the morning. Going by car to the international airport in Beijing. It felt very hard to leave this wonderful city. Zai tian, echoed in my head all the time. We will come back next year. And now this white on the ground. Winter is here, if only for a short moment this time. That's it for todays blog. Love Peter


Well White Knights is a restaurant near the russian embassy in Beijing. I mostly go there at nights, during my stays in Beijing, to kind of rounding up the events of the day with a couple of beers. Usually one Heineken and one Tsingtao. While drinking them up I go through the photos taken today. I also think through what I have seen, and what I want to do the next day. This year we also went there to eat one night with eight persons. The food is really good, although some chinese people say it is not. Typically chinese way to express them selves. But that is only their way to say it is good, but too expensive for them! In reality the food is very good, and the service from the owners and their staff is of super quality! Now the price I would say is medium, if you use these three classes of restaurant prices: cheap, medium and expensive in Beijing. Although as I said you get a very good service, and always feels very welcome. White Knights is a place where many westerners go, but also m


Now I go every day to Vreten in Solna with the commuter train. It's a two hours ride there and another two hours back in the afternoon. A lot of people go every day on the same train. Seats are small and it's not so much space to sit. Sometimes people have to stand up all the way, because the train is delayed for some reason. My personal record is two hours and fifty minutes to my work, but four hours and fifteen minutes going home. That is a lot of time taken from my free time. If it all works I can go all the way and back in three hours and ten minutes! That means one hour and forty minutes to my work and one hour and thirty minutes back home. I still think it's a lot of time to spend on a train just to work for eight hours. During the time of my journey I listen to my mp3 music collection. I have a very good number of songs to play. I also have programs in my mobile phone to study and learn chinese. That's a challenge, and I'm doing good progress in my chinese s


Yes, where is the panda living today? Well it´s living in my living room right now! Well directly imported from Beijing in China! Just view my photos in this blog! They are a permanent proof of my devotion for the panda´s future life. Six Panda Ambassadors, also called Pambassadors, have been chosen in a worldwide competition and the winners will be working for one year at the famous Woolong Giant Panda Protection And Research Center in Chengdu in China. The "Pambassadors" are expected to work closely with Woolong Keepers, feeding baby pandas, learning about panda conservation and - I'm assuming - hugging them (glee)! Or as the competition says, "You will perform as photographer, videographer, journalist, scientist, and researcher in the course of one of the best months of your life!" Successful candidates had to be aged 18 to 40 and be in good physical and psychological condition, as well as possess English writing abilities. Also, they couldn't be "af


That´s right! We actually have three shopping centers inour backyard within walking distance from our appartment in Dongzhimen in Beijing! And what isn´t within walking distance from our home in Minan Residential Complex? The subway, the food street, the long distance bus station, the 2nd ring road, the lama temple, the nan guan park, all the restaurants and bars(like more than over 500 ones!), the shops and so much more! It feels like living in paradise in Beijing, just two kilometers from the actual center of this city! In Raffles City I found a silver ring(just to much wonderful), so we went all over Beijing to find one much cheaper. No way! No ring looking like this one, and I mean cheap or expensive. You just can´t find it here in Beijing! We just went to Raffles City to have a look. There is very many shops and stores, bur mostly for the rich chinese people that live in this area! Hello I also live here! Am I rich? No, but in the eyes of the chinese people every westerner is rich


Oh Yes! The lovely and tasty food in Beijing! I´m a very lucky guy, as I live within walking distance to most of Beijing´s restaurants open twentyfour hours! I´m joking, but I have something like over 500 restaurants within walking distance, and very good ones too! It´s like I live in the middle of the pulse in the city! Actually Beijing have more than sixty thousands of restaurants. Every day more than 100 opens up for business. But I live in the very busy food street area. That´s why I´m lucky. You know there is a joke in Beijing, that says if you visited a very good restaurant yesterday and wants to invite your friends the next day to this restaurant, please call it on your phone to be sure that it is still there the next day. All this before you call your friends for a dinner appointment there! Or you´re in for a big surprise the next day! My goal this year was to eat and try as many different kinds of food as possible during my five and a half weeks in Beijing in China. Now doing


This is Really Beijing at it´s best, and specially by night! You know everybody in Beijing use the outside as their living room. People sit or are in the small and large parks all over this wonderful city. They read, relax, play badminton(or kick feather, chess, mahjong, cards). I have seen them playing guitar, drums, erhu and other instruments.Or they just have a nice walk and talk to people they know, if theyt don´t want to improve their physics with all the training tools you can find in most parks. This is something, I believe, that we westerners have to learn about. If you look at Sweden we are just hopeless in this situation. It´s like we wake up when our short summer comes, and many people move their living room outside. The neighbors that are still inside think what are they doing and making so much noice. Strange way to behave! Come on! I think it´s nice to be a beijinger! So swedes come out of your hiding places and behave like normal people. After all we are a minority. Two


The blog of the day is about our bicycles in Beijing. In 2009 we bought our bicycles at Carrefour in Andingmen in Beijing. We went there in a taxi. It's a large supermarket with something like 25 cash registrators. Liping's bicycle color is purple and mine is cool black. So we now finally went back to our home in Dongzhimen on our new bikes. It took about 20 minutes to get back home through all these main streets to our own appartment. This was my first time on a bicycle in Beijing. Many people say it.s dangerous to go on bicycle in Beijing. The traffic is heavy. They are right about that. But I say you learn their traffic culture very fast. There is a pattern in it. I love to bicycle in the more quieter hutongs. The main streets are also cool, but with much more traffic on them. Now in the narrow hutongs the traffic is slower, but sometimes also very busy. Here you somehow comes closer to the people living there. You see their daily life in a closeup view. Really fantastic ex


Yes, today is the day of the miners. All 33 of them and their 6 rescue workers. They are all on the surface now after two months under the ground. What a fantastic rescue operation followed by the whole world on television. All my thoughts today go to them and their families. This picture is some kind of a symbolic one. It´s showing the view from Liping´s balcony at early night. Showing the dark in the mine, but also the still bright sky when the miners come up to the surface. By the way this is all in todays blog for you. I am writing this blog from my mobile device, Xperia X10 mini pro on the commuter train. I am on the way to my work in Solna. A two hours ride that feels so much easier now, when we know the miners in Chile are safe. Tomorrow I will send another blog. God bless you. Love Peter


Hello and welcome to my new web blog. This is my second blog. I already have a web blog at , and it is more like a travel blog about what to see and do in Beijing in China when you travel there. It also tells you a little about what I have done there on my visits in Beijing and maybe you can find some good tips in it. My wife and I live in her lovely appartment near Dongzhimen in central Beijing when we go there on our vacations. Her name is Liping. She is born there and has lived there for 40 years of her life. So we know a lot about how evrything works in Beijing. We are just back here in Stockholm after 5 and a half weeks in China. Very hot weather and a lot of things to do. The shopping was wonderful and the food was very good. I just love to ride on my bicykle through the old hutongs and the traffic is nice there compared with the avenues in this lovely city. I am honored to have this opportunity to go there every year! This new one is meant to be