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The blog of the day is about our bicycles in Beijing. In 2009 we bought our bicycles at Carrefour in Andingmen in Beijing. We went there in a taxi. It's a large supermarket with something like 25 cash registrators. Liping's bicycle color is purple and mine is cool black. So we now finally went back to our home in Dongzhimen on our new bikes. It took about 20 minutes to get back home through all these main streets to our own appartment. This was my first time on a bicycle in Beijing. Many people say it.s dangerous to go on bicycle in Beijing. The traffic is heavy. They are right about that. But I say you learn their traffic culture very fast. There is a pattern in it. I love to bicycle in the more quieter hutongs. The main streets are also cool, but with much more traffic on them.

Now in the narrow hutongs the traffic is slower, but sometimes also very busy. Here you somehow comes closer to the people living there. You see their daily life in a closeup view. Really fantastic experience! I recommend it. If you ever come to Beijing, please try it. You can rent a bicycle near any subway station. It.s not that expensive, and you need to put up a small deposit. It is worth it, just for the pleasure of this way to get around in the city. You can return the bicycle at any other subway station as well.To use the bicycle on the restaurant street, Guo Jie, is a tough experience, but I have learnt that too. And you can stop and eat in over 100 restaurants on this street. I live 4 minutes walk from here. Hope you have some use of my tips. That's it for today.

Love Peter


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